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Cottages forest area

Cottages forest area

Nice location on small-scale holiday villages, with spacious private backyard. You are able to...
Holiday homes De Koog

Holiday homes De Koog

Detached accommodations. At the forest edge, in the seaside resort, or at the holiday villages...
Apartments De Koog

Apartments De Koog

For 2 to 5 persons in small complexes, with a balcony or terrace. The apartments are attractive...

Blog: Feel like getting away and smelling the sea breeze?

Feel like getting away and smelling the sea breeze?
The busiest months of the year are behind us and short winter days are just around the corner

The busiest months of the year are behind us and short winter days are just around the corner. But that's precisely why it's a great time to pay a visit to our lovely little island. People often think there is nothing to do here in the winter, while in fact, the opposite is true – and our door is always open!

Winter on Texel means, for instance, that those short days end in some very dark nights. Which makes this the perfect spot for stargazing! Next door to Ecomare (on Ruislaan), you'll find the De Jager Public Observatory. Mr de Jager's observatory is open to all and features telescopes, solar telescopes and even a freestanding binocular telescope. Here, you can enjoy the starry skies at their best; there's always something special to be seen.

When people say “beach weather”, they're usually picturing a sunny day with little wind, spent lazing about seaside in your bathing suit. But the shore might be even lovelier, in fact, when it's chilly and stormy out! Fair enough, you may not want to stretch out in a beach chair with a good book. But the view is fantastic, and you'll have it practically all to yourself. To me, there's no better place and season to enjoy a brisk bit of sea air. That wind is most certainly brisk, of course, but there are plenty of cosy spots to warm up in; many of the beach pavilions are open in the winter as well. The island's wooded areas are lovely too, and very different than in the summertime. The wind is a little less fierce there, so you can walk for hours.

November, of course, is also the month when Sinterklaas (the Dutch version of Santa or Father Christmas) arrives on our island by boat. This is always a charming event, perfectly suited to the little harbour of Oudeschild. On that day, I get to sail with the KNRM Sea Rescue and watch Sinterklaas’ arrival from out on the water. It's wonderful to see all those happy children on the quay! And if you're on the island with your children at this time of year, you can be sure that Sinterklaas won't pass them by – even if they're just on holiday. Be sure to check whether we have a spot left for your little ones..:-)

Something I frequently did in the autumn as a child was collect leaves and then press them between the pages of a thick book or encyclopaedia. That way, the leaves dry quite nicely – and autumn leaves always have such beautiful colours. It can also be very educational, as it's a fun way to learn which leaves come from which trees. Children can have a great time making arts and crafts with things they find in the woods, too, such as chestnuts, pine cones or beechnuts. There is so much to discover, and all of it within walking distance of your accommodations!

The bit of peace and tranquillity that can be found on Texel is a feeling familiar to many people. It's as if your busy workaday thoughts are left behind when you take the ferry from Den Helder. And did you know that there are plenty of spa and wellness options here, if you'd like to experience some physical relaxation while you're at it? Just imagine a fantastic massage, sauna or steam room.

There's plenty to do during the long evenings as well. After a delicious, hearty winter meal at one of the island's many cosy restaurants, there are plenty of local establishments (particularly in De Koog) where you can pull up a chair and enjoy a nightcap. A tasty beer – maybe even a local Texel brew – or a nip of Juttertje bitters? Another advantage: it's much easier to get to know the locals in the winter. They're (finally) done with the busy peak season and have time to visit the local pubs themselves.

We also offer a lower off-season rate starting in November (after the autumn break). So does the idea of experiencing Texel in the winter strike your fancy? If so, be sure to check availability. And feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

Gerard van Veen, Director


The busiest months of the year are behind us and short winter days are just around the corner


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